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教程-Docker – Hands On for Java Developers-MP4
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Get real world, hands-on experience with Docker - deploy a Java Microservice Architecture using Docker and Docker Swarm

What you'll learn
Use Docker on production quality Java systems.
Distribute systems across multiple nodes in a cluster
Publish your own images on DockerHub
Know the differences between images and containers
Build your own containers from Dockerfiles
Integrate Docker into your build process

Suitable for anyone with previous experience of Java Development.
Some experience of AWS/EC2 is useful for the last major section, but if you're new to it then would serve as a great introduction.

A great course if you're a Java developer looking to get started with Docker. On this course, you'll be working with a real Microservice architecture built using Spring Boot. Your job will be to deploy the application as a set of Docker Containers.

Optionally, you'll be able to run the final system in a real cloud environment (AWS), using Docker Swarm.

Who this course is for?
Any Java programmer wanting to learn about containerization of production systems

Docker - Hands On for Java Developers