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  商品編號: DVDXX13302
  商品名稱: A-PDF Page Crop 4.7.0-PDF頁面編輯器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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A-PDF Page Crop 4.7.0-PDF頁面編輯器
A-PDF Page Crop是一種簡單快速實用的PDF頁面編輯器,允許您剪輯或刪除(空的PDF頁)白色的部分。它還可以重組正常大小的PDF格式的(A4,B4,信紙等)相對於小型設備可讀(Sony Reader PRS500/PRS505,iRexIliad,Sony Librie,LBook eReader,Cybook Gen3,Jinke 等)。它提供可視化裁剪標記編輯器(剪輯框編輯器),編輯PDF頁面更方便。

A-PDF Page Crop is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you crop or removes the white margins (space) of PDF pages. It also can reorganize normal sized pdf's (A4, B4, Letter etc.) to be readable on relatively small devices (Sony Reader PRS500/PRS505, iRex Iliad, Sony Librie, LBook eReader, Cybook Gen3, Jinke etc.). It provide visual crop marks editor (Crop Box Editor) to crop PDF pages more conveniently

Why A-PDF Page Crop
Unique Crop Function
The program provides an unique function that crop pages into more pages.

A-PDF Page Crop is particularly useful to lawyer who print downloaded articles and people who receive PDF documents designed for letter size paper, but need to print the pages on A4 paper (or vice versa).

For example, a lawyer may get a article in which the PDF pages are only 5in. x 7in. If the he/she prints the PDF file with a standard GNU/Linux PDF viewer on letter size paper (8.5in. x 11in), there will be 1.75in white margins on the left and right sides and 2in. white margins on the top and bottom. (In other words, the white margins will consume 63 percent of the square area on the page).
Visual Crop marks Rule Editor
A-PDF Page Crop provides a power crop marks editor to allow you define how the file will be cropped. the rules can be easily import and export.

Auto-add crop box
Auto-add Bleed Box as crop mark.
Auto-add Trim Box as crop mark.
Auto-add Art Box as crop mark.
Easy to Use
A-PDF Page Crop provide a visual Crop marks editor to allow you define how the pages will be Cropped. To achieve it, just add/Move the crop marks (Crop Boxes) use your mouse, then click "Crop and Save as" button.

You even can define different Crop rule in the different pages.
Save Time
Crop a hundreds pages file in seconds.
Easy to learn and operate
Save Money
A-PDF Page Crop is a standalone program costing only $35. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

A-PDF Page Crop Command Line
A-PDF Page Crop Command line (PPCPCMD.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent crop PDF pages .

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.