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  商品編號: DVDXX14786
  商品名稱: Amarra Luxe 4.3.476 MaCOSX-音樂播放軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Amarra Luxe 4.3.476 MaCOSX-音樂播放軟件
一款專業的音樂播放軟件,連全世界最挑剔的音樂發燒友都喜愛的音效增強修復軟件。Amarra 4 Luxe具有超強的選擇性和出色的品質保證,新版本顯著改善了聲音質量,使功能更穩定,操作更容易。喜歡音樂的朋友不要錯過。

Amarra Luxe 4.x MaCOSX | 
Sonic Studio Releases Amarra 4 High-resolution Music Playback Application. The waiting is over, the time is now, and the highly anticipated release of Amarra 4 is here! Sporting a new User Experience and the Great Sound that only Sonic Studio can provide.

Amarra is a high resolution music player designed for the discriminating ears of audiophiles and professionals. Deep, analog, natural, and musical; these are words Amarra our customers use when describing their Amarra listening experiences. With Amarra, you'll have many "oh wow!" moments even with tracks you've listened to for years. That's because Amarra enables your music to sound the way it was intended to be heard: beautifully.

Break your bonds to iTunes and hear your music like never before!
Scan your entire local library, including FLAC and DSD files:
• DSD/DSF (PCM Conversion)
• AAC*
• MP3
• & more

Fast, fun, and easy to use!

• Scan your entire local library including DSD 64/128 and FLAC files
• Navigate separate views of your library by Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlists, or Now Playing
• Sort your tracks easily by Name, Album, or Artist
• Powerful search lets you find your music easily
• Create your own playlists of mixed tracks and sample rates and access them via a dedicated Playlist View
• Browse your Albums and Artists by artwork for ease and speed
• Select the best sound for your system with 16 EQ presets


• Listen to your DSD files using Native DoP or DSD to PCM conversion
• Hear your tracks at a higher sample rate with Upsampling
• Enjoy integrated TIDAL support
• Option for iRC room correction
• Control Amarra from anywhere in your network with the Amarra iOS Remote
• Enjoy a beautiful and intuitive User Interface
• View your music collection by Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlists, or Now Playing Queue
• Savor your album art while you listen
• Search your library by Artist, Track, or Album Name
• Sort your tracks easily by Song, Artist, or Album
• Create Playlists across multiple file types and sample rates

Changes in Amarra 4.0.295

• Improve metadata handling
• improved image handling
• faster
iTunes Import:
• Import iTunes Tracks, Albums, Artists, and Playlists
Add Save command

Support for Amarra 4 Luxe:

• TIDAL Integration,
• Mastering EQ
• iOS Remote App
• Launch In Browser (Google Chrome required)
• iRC Room Correction (optional)

Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.8 or later

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