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  商品編號: DVDXX15039
  商品名稱: Emerson PRV2SIZE 2.8.6481.18544 壓力釋放閥和通風尺寸軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Emerson PRV2SIZE 2.8.6481.18544 壓力釋放閥和通風尺寸軟件
PRV2SIZE是一款功能強大的自動化軟件程序,使用旨在為Anderson Greenwood,Crosby和Varec品牌過壓保護閥和Yarway品牌自動循環控制閥提供尺寸,選擇和配置功能。這款全面且易於使用的程序,提供全面和綜合的方法來確定所有類型的壓力釋放裝置的尺寸,包括在單個尺寸和選擇平台中的低壓罐保護產品。擁有全新的算法和標準的代碼,軟件持續發展,讓功能始終處於領先地位。

PRV2SIZE software is an easy to use and comprehensive program that offers sizing, selection and configuration capabilities for Anderson Greenwood, Crosby and Varec brand Over Pressure Protection Valves and for Yarway brand Automatic Recirculation Control Valves.

PRV2Size Software Sizing Methods include:
ASME Section VIII (API 520, Part I, 9th edition) Gas, Liquid or Steam phase Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
Non-Code (API 520, Part I, 9th edition) Gas, Liquid or Steam phase Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
API 2000/ISO 28300, 6th edition Gas phase Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
ISO 4126-7 (2nd Edition) Gas Liquid or Steam phase Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
ASME Section I Steam phase Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
Fire Sizing Calculations per API 521 /API 520, Part I, 9th edition for Wetted or Unwetted Vessels
2-Phase ASME Appendix 11: Saturated Water Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
2-Phase API 520, Part I, 9th Edition C.2.1(Mass Flux Direct Integration), C.2.2(Flashing/Non-Flashing) and C.2.3(Sub-cooled/Saturated Liquid) Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
2-Phase API 520, Part I, 7th Edition D.2.1(Flashing Liquid and its Vapor), D.2.1( Non-Flashing Liquid and Gas), D.2.2(Sub-cooled/Saturated Liquid) and D.2.3(Flashing Liquid, Vapor and Gas) Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
2-Phase API 520, Part I, 6th Edition: Separated Flow Method Orifice Area and Flow Calculations
Tank Blanketing, Back Pressure or Pressure Reducing Regulator Sizing
Varec Flame Arrester Sizing
Yarway ARC Flow Control Valve Sizing
Tank Vent Sizing for Pressure Relief Valve (API 200/ISO 28300) or Free Vent (API 2000/ ISO 28300, 6th edition) Sizing
Reaction Force Calculations
Noise Calculations
Sizing Inputs can be in English or Metric Units for:

Fluid Properties
Pressures, Vacuum and Back Pressures
Flow Capacity
Valve Selection simplified with Filter Bar Options like:

Valve Type Filter Option
ASME or API dataset for K and A Values Filter Option
Valve Configuration allows:

Main Valve Materials of Construction, Accessory Selection with display of Catalog Model and ERP Number
Valve Customization
Addition of Notes for Sizing Reports
Generation of Valve Weight and Dimensions
Valve Sizing Reports in Excel or PDF format include:

Datasheet Report
Calculations Report
Dimensional Drawings Report
Configuration Report
Flow Curve Report
Tank Calculation Report
ARC Pump Curve Report
Tag and Project File Management features allow users to:

Create New Company, Project and Tag or Change, Copy, Export, and Delete an Existing Tag
Utilize Tag Library Tree and Tag Grid to view Company, Project or Valve details for selected Tags
Generate detailed Project /Tag Summary Report
Export or Import PRV2Size Tags from other users
Reference Library Includes:

Valve Catalogs for Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Yarway and Varec brands
PRV2Size Quick Start Guide and PRV2Size Brochure
Material Compatibility Reference for Metals and Non-Metals
Emerson Pressure Relief Valve Engineering Handbook
Emerson 2-phase Application Data Form
Valve Features for all Models
Pressure Relief Valves Overview
Software Troubleshooting has user options to:

Backup Tag Data to a Location
Submit Feedback to PRV2Size Contacts
Check for Program Updates

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.