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  商品編號: DVDXX16467
  商品名稱: ScanPapyrus Pro v19.00 自動掃瞄文檔和書籍軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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ScanPapyrus Pro v19.00 自動掃瞄文檔和書籍軟件
ScanPapyrus是一款簡單好用的批量自動文檔和書籍掃瞄軟件,使用可讓您快速輕鬆地掃瞄任何紙質文檔,書籍,雜誌或照片!並且支持掃瞄文檔,書籍到PDF,DjVu和照片到JPG,TIFF。軟件界面簡單,使用方便, 可自由設置掃瞄間隔,您就可以在間隔時間內翻開書頁或更改掃瞄儀上的文檔頁面,非常方便,並且支持預定掃瞄,可以一次掃瞄兩頁,掃瞄質量和速度各方面都超級給力,掃瞄完成後還可以通過精準的文本識別來識別你的文檔並將其另存為Microsoft Word文件,除此之外,軟件還具有自動頁面排序、支持一次處理多個頁面、輕鬆創建PDF文檔、壓縮PDF文檔等等。

What Is ScanPapyrus?
ScanPapyrus is a Windows desktop application for quick scanning of documents, books, or printed photos.
Learn more about the features of ScanPapyrus.


+ Batch Scanning of Documents
With ScanPapyrus, you can scan a document without moving back and forth between the scanner and the computer.
+ Book Scanning
With ScanPapyrus, you can scan two pages at once. This means you can create high-quality digital copies of your books in half the time! Now you don’t need to scan each book page separately. Just scan a book spread, and ScanPapyrus will automatically split the scanned image into two pages.

It means you will get two pages for a PDF or DjVu file in one scanning pass! Scanning a book is easier than you think...

+ Exceptional Scanning Quality and Speed
With ScanPapyrus, you can both improve scan quality and scan documents more quickly! Was the page placed crooked on the scanner glass? ScanPapyrus will automatically deskew the scanned image. Is the scanner lid ajar? ScanPapyrus can easily remove the black strips around the edge of each scanned image. It can increase the text sharpness, automatically adjust the contrast, cut off the unnecessary edges, and clean up a grayish page background by replacing it with a white one.

+ Quality and Accurate Text Recognition
After you finish scanning, you can recognize the document and save it as a Microsoft Word file, a searchable PDF file, or as a plain text file.

What's New:
Version 19.0, August 5, 2019
Added text recognition for documents with the cloud OCR service.