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  商品名稱: Browserism 2.3 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac瀏覽器切換工具
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Browserism 2.3 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac瀏覽器切換工具
Browserism Mac版是一款Mac OS平台上的網絡瀏覽器輔助工具,通過Browserism Mac版你可以快速完成默認瀏覽器的設置工作,它支持 Safari, Chrome, Firefox, 和Opera這四款瀏覽器。有許多朋友的Mac 上不止裝了Safari瀏覽器,由於工作、娛樂或者其他需求,Chrome,Firefox都是我們桌面的常客,可是你有沒有遇到總是來回切換默認瀏覽器的場景呢?使用 Browserism這款小軟件即可快速完成默認瀏覽器的設置工作,它支持Safari, Chrome, Firefox, 和 Opera 這四款瀏覽器,此外還能再額外添加四款瀏覽器到軟件菜單裡。

Browserism 2.3 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac瀏覽器切換工具

Browserism 的功能可不止如此,你還能設置一款瀏覽器職守為默認瀏覽器的時段,超過這個時段將自動轉入下一個瀏覽器,另外還能為每個瀏覽器設置激活為默認瀏覽器的熱鍵,方便快速調用。

Browserism is a little app that lives in your menu bar and helps you quickly switch your Mac's default web browser. Out of the box, Browserism supports Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, but you can also tell Browserism to use any other browser you have installed.

– Change the default web browser from the menu bar or using hotkeys
– Automatically open specific links in specific browsers
– Automatically set the default browser to the one you're using
– Turn on/off opening links in the background
– Show the default browser's name and icon* in the menu bar
– Automatically switch the default browser on a schedule
– Wildcard URL rules, such as * or apple.*

Browserism can be configured to open specific sites/links in specific browsers. As an example, you could have YouTube links open in Google Chrome, and Facebook links open in Safari.

Use a different browser at work than you do at home? Browserism can schedule your work browser to activate at 9:00 AM and your personal browser to activate at 5:00 PM (or whatever your work schedule is).

Are you a web developer who constantly needs to switch browsers? With Browserism's Silent Switching feature and system-wide hotkey support, you'll instantly notice how Browserism improves your workflow.

Anytime you have a need to switch your default browser, or control which links open in what browsers, Browserism is the quickest and easiest way to do it. No more looking for hard-to-find settings and menus or dealing with nagging system prompts.

Browserism supports OS X's dark mode and Retina displays.
Browserism requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher.

What's New in Version 2.3
+ Improvements to Link Rules and wildcards (some Rules may need to be re-created after this update)
+ Ability to edit Link Rules (double click a Link Rule to edit it)
+ Other small improvements and bug fixes