Cocktail for Mac

Cocktail for Mac


  商品編號: macos0414
  商品名稱: Cocktail 9.3.5 for MacOSX註冊版-Mac增強工具
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Cocktail 9.3.5 for MacOSX註冊版-Mac增強工具
Cocktail for Mac是一種MacOSX的增強工具. 可以修改很多一般用戶不能設置和修改的系統隱藏屬性與設置.如 隱藏文件, 文件類型存儲等,可以讓您清潔,修復和優化您的Mac。它是一個功能強大的數字工具集,幫助世界各地的成千上萬Mac用戶,每天充分利用他們的計算機。該應用程序提供了維修工具和調整,都可以通過一個乾淨的,易於使用的界面完美結合。Cocktail for Mac的特徵分為5類,可以幫助你管理你的電腦的各個方面。它還配備了一個自動模式,可讓您只需按下一個按鈕然後休息,Cocktail for Mac將把剩下的事情做好。

Cocktail 9.3.5 for MacOSX註冊版-Mac增強工具

Features Cocktail 9
* Automatically check SMART disk health status
* Enable or disable logging
* Repair disk permissions
* Reset permissions on the home directory and access control lists
* Set the sleep drive (spindown)
* Enable or disable the Sudden Motion Sensor

* Run the periodic maintenance scripts
* Cleaning inactive memory and optimize the use of virtual memory
* Enable or disable virtual memory swapping
* Management Spotlight indexing
* Erase codes Spotlight
* Change Time Machine preferences
* Rebuild Launch Services database
* Change the startup mode, or set the start-up delay
* The strength of the empty basket
* Mute start
* Disable Notification Center

* Clear the cache system
* Clear cache user
* Clear cache fonts
* Clear virtual memory pagefile
* Clear temporary files
* Clear Internet cache
* Clear Cookies, download lists, form values and history files
* Clear cache Adobe Flash Player and cookies
* Search corrupted file settings
* Delete unnecessary localization
* Clean and manage (view, print and save) the log files
* Clear the DNS cache
* Delete files invisible DS Store
* Delete locked or inaccessible items

* Changing the speed, duplex, and MTU network cards
* It is easy to optimize the network settings for common types of connection
* Change the IP configuration settings
* Configure built (File Sharing) OS X file server

* Customize the appearance and the possibility of Finder, Dock, a login window, and other system services
* Change hidden settings Safari, Mail, Itunes, and QuickTime X
* Setting the default file save location in the allowed application ICloud