Disk Map Analyzer

Disk Map Analyzer


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  商品名稱: Disk Map Analyzer 2.1 MacOSX
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Disk Map Analyzer 2.1 MacOSX
Disk Map Analyzer Mac版是一款Mac平台的磁盘空间分析工具,可以帮你快速地分析磁盘空间上的文件占用情况,找出哪些文件或文件夹占用了大量的磁盘空间,实时动态展示分析结果,还可以分析外部硬盘。


Disk Map Analyzer 1.4 Mac OS X

 Disk Map Analyzer 1.x | MacOSX | 15 Mb
Disk Map Analyzer was designed by users just like you, who are trying to free up valuable disk space in the easiest and fastest way possible. We’ve meticulously spent countless hours creating our disk mapping algorithm and optimized our app exclusively for Mac OSX. Our beautiful sunburst disk map is visually intuitive and feels natural. Navigating our app will feel familiar and easy. 

≈ Features ≈
◎ The ONLY disk mapping app with 2 skins to choose from!
◎ Beautiful sunburst visual disk map
◎ Easy drag & drop scanning
◎ Convenient access to recently opened items
◎ Save to your Favorites for frequently accessed folders
◎ Video instructions
◎ Supports all types of drives (internal, external, dropbox, etc)
◎ #1 fastest and most effective scanning algorithm
◎ Easy preview of files and metadata
◎ Real-time display
◎ Retina display support

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor